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Hack Forums News now broadcasting on global TV

Posted by iHydra on April 1, 2017

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we have finally reached our goal: broadcasting live on TV. We have partnered with Fox News to bring the world hacking and security news. Our public sources we can name for now will be Armada, Black Shadow, Mr. Robot, Red Sox, H3God, and Vinnie. We have many other private sources who wish to not be named but rest assured these are elite hackers and researchers who are reliable in the fields.

Armada and Mr. Robot go way back when they had teamed up with Brian Krebs (Krebs on Security) and worked with him to bring exclusive news. There was a short fallout between Armada and Mr. Robot however we paid both a hefty salary for them to work with HF News, Inc.

Red Sox got out of prison a few days ago and we are glad to announce that he will be the lead announcer for HF News, Inc. We are excited for the future. Red Sox is a famous hacker who has made over 2 million dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum. With his elaborate knowledge in the field, he can bring content no other studio can. HF News, Inc. will be top viewed all around the world for this exact reason.

H3God and Black Shadow are elite marketers who will lead the marketing team for HF News, Inc. Black Shadow has sold multiple methods on gambling and they all work, it's amazing. His scripts are so well made and result in insane profits by the users that we couldn't resist. He will manage the advertisement for HF News, Inc. H3God's marketing experience is valuable to HF News, Inc. The ebooks he sells are Hack Forums' Best Sellers and for that reason alone we have hired him to work for us as the marketer of HF News, Inc. We're already working with him on bringing private news only our paid subscribers can view. It'll be great!

Lastly, Vinnie, the face figure for Lizard Squad, Finest Squad, and Anonymous. We first thought he wouldn't agree to work with us but turns out we were completely wrong. He was excited about our offer and even agreed to join the team with no paid salary - you heard that right, he's working for free! It makes sense though, he did make over 4.89 million in Euros for helping the three hacking groups.

What's Next

HF News on Hack Forums will have its staff cut down and only three members will write sections. We will get rid of Post 2 and 3 and will only be doing Headlines, Site News, and Interviews for Post 1. We believe this is the best way to manage the team and keep our releases timely.

Podcasts will be broadcasted on live television on Fox News every Friday Night at 8:00 EST. We will have guests come on the podcast starting with Omniscient, the owner of Hack Forums.

I love the idea of HF News going on TV, this will bring a lot of new members to Hack Forums and we will get bigger at a faster rate. Big thanks to HF News Team and iHydra for their hard consistent work for Hack Forums.